From Contently: “Content Is Everything Now”

Some 20 years ago the company mantra was “Cash Is King”. But in today’s digital world it is clear that “Content Is King” as described so well in the latest post from Contently.

Here are some key excerpts from the post –

  • They are not just talking about top-funnel blog posts or infographics. Content that impacts just about every part of an organization. Product videos that stop you in your tracks as you scroll LinkedIn and Instagram. Case studies that make you imagine new possibilities. Customer newsletters that make you think “I’m renewing no matter what.” Webinars that miraculously don’t suck.
  • To prove the point see the included graphic below –

The article states it simply at the end – Content is everything now. That’s what will bring you success in today’s world where digital contact is now much more paramount that in-person contact.

Read the full post here.

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