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1 – 5 Huge Mistakes That Bloggers Make

1 – 5 Huge Mistakes That Bloggers Make

Source: Blogging 101

Having just gotten my website up and running and dipping my toes into the blogging world I was happy to come across this post from Blogging 101. I will pay close attention to these lessons and they could be helpful to any other bloggers out there, both new and veteran.

Look forward to comments and feedback from established bloggers out there.

 – Andy V


If you have actually entered the world of blogging or if you’ve been blogging for a short time and find that things are not working out as you expected, it will serve you well to spend some time comprehending the common mistakes that blog writers make, mistakes that make it tough to enjoy what should be an enjoyable, rewarding experience: Blogging!

The five most common new blogger mistakes are:

  • Diving in (instead of pitching in).
  • Having impractical expectations.
  • Losing focus
  • Plagiarizing
  • Disregarding the reader.

Diving in! Numerous blog writers are so distressed to get started that they dive in instead of pitching in slowly– it’s an error in an unknown pool or pond and it’s a mistake when going into a brand new arena such as the ‘blogosphere.’

Consider these things before you begin your Blog:

  • Find a focus for your blog site … a focus that shows what you understand, what interests you and what you take pleasure in talking and writing about.
  • Make the effort to check out dozens of various blogs: keep in mind the colors, graphics and layouts to get a concept of what appeals to you. Likewise note that some blog writers are verbose and others are quick and to the point … others are just chatty and entertaining and have no particular point to make … this too is an individual style you get to pick.
  • You require a host for your blog site, some are complimentary, some charge a small amount each month for their service, some are basic to use and some require more technical knowledge, some have more features than others; select carefully, as soon as you’ve established your blog and have a couple of regular readers you may not wish to alter your address (your URL).
  • You may or may not wish to use your real name on your blog, this depends upon many elements, not the least of which is your position on controversial issues and how openly you wish to be related to your opinions.
  • Unrealistic expectations! If you get into blogging anticipating instantaneous outcomes –  a large readership and many complimentary comments – you may be dissatisfied. There are tens of thousands of blogs online vying for the same audience.
  • Patience and persistence are essential on your part. If you compose well, discover a distinct specific niche to fill, have enticing titles for your posts and tirelessly promote your blog site the readership and remarks (some of which will be complimentary) will come.
  • Losing focus! When you began your blog you had a particular reason for doing so; it may have been to express your views on a topic or it might have been to simply interact with a close circle of pals about your daily activities. Readers will visit your blog site for the very first time and either have an interest in your subject matter or not, will either like your design or not and, if they like your subject and style they might comment and after that return later. As soon as you have actually developed a subject and tone for your blog you’re free to alter it, but if you decide to do so you’re basically starting all over.
  • Know that you can have more than one blog site, every one dedicated to a particular topic and every one, if you choose, under a different identity.
  • Plagiarizing! There are some excellent bloggers out there and as you surf through blogs you may find one who stated something actually well, something that resonated with you and something you wish to put in your blog site. DON’T just copy and paste someone’s words in your blog without giving them credit, making it seek to the world like the words are yours.
  • If you compose it, write it in your own words and compose it much better, adding your own ideas and feelings and then be gracious, mention where you understood and provide a link.
  • Disregarding the reader! A few of the people who read your blog site will leave remarks; some readers will agree with you and some readers may even applaud your insights but many may choose a point you’ve made and slam it. Individuals leave comments on other blog sites for the very same factor they themselves blog site, to exchange concepts and reveal their viewpoints.
  • Always respond to your readers remarks; thank them for reading and putting in the time to comment (even the extreme critics) and after that react, as appropriate, to their remark. If you neglect your remarks your readers may end up neglecting your blog site.

HubSpot Academy vs IMPACT+: a head-to-head digital marketing training comparison

HubSpot Academy vs IMPACT+: a head-to-head digital marketing training comparison

Analysis courtesy of Hubspot and Impact +

Lexie Ward

HubSpot Trainer, 5+ Years Of Digital Marketing Strategy & Project Management Experience


Online learning platforms are becoming increasingly popular.

They are an easy, on-demand way to learn and implement knowledge on your own and at your own pace — especially while social distancing.

In fact, In 2017, approximately 77% of US corporations used online learning, but 98% planned to incorporate it in their program by 2020.

That’s nothing to scoff at!

These online educational platforms are a great place for both individuals and companies looking to train and educate teams within their organization.

With that in mind, in this article, we will be comparing two online learning platforms in the digital sales and marketing space, IMPACT’s new IMPACT+ and HubSpot’s HubSpot Academy.

IMPACT+ was released in May of this year, and HubSpot Academy in November of 2016. Both platforms are focused on hosting educational content and resources on topics in the digital sales and marketing space.

So, naturally, they have similarities but they also have some important differences. 

Below, we will explore each.

Similarities between IMPACT+ and HubSpot Academy

The most similar aspect of these two platforms is that they are both online learning platforms with a core focus on digital marketing, sales, and service.

Each one has a robust library of educational content aimed at helping you generate more revenue and advance your career and even share some similar topics like marketing automation and workflowscontent strategyHubSpot reporting, and video.

HubSpot Academy and IMPACT+ also both offer courses or lessons in the form of video. Each has options between shorter single-video lessons to longer, more in-depth multi-video courses:


IMPACT+ courses


HubSpot Academy

Differences between IMPACT+ and HubSpot Academy

In these videos, knowledgeable instructors provide comprehensive coverage on the topics and incorporate visual aids like live demos and exercises.

They both also included related blog articles to help provide users additional support on the subject matter.

Now let’s get into what differentiates the two.

Subject matter

HubSpot Academy is a robust online learning platform (with over 300 lessons and courses), but it does have some shortcomings.


For instance, many of its courses are more entry-level. For example, many courses are described as introductions to things like marketing automation, social media, digital sales, etc. and include tips for initial campaigns set up.

But once you get beyond that experience level, there isn’t much else for you to explore.

This makes them likely most beneficial to those just getting started with inbound marketing and sales, but they may miss the mark when it comes to going deeper into a topic or providing more advanced guidance.

Another thing to consider is that, unsurprisingly, many HubSpot Academy courses are specific to HubSpot, or catered to those who are using HubSpot.

While there are definitely some courses and lessons that are more general and can be applied to other tools, it’s important to keep in mind that you will be getting HubSpot’s approach to things in these videos.

IMPACT+, on the other hand, is centered around one main goal: results. 



This means that IMPACT+ courses are geared towards providing specific, actionable takeaways that will increase results now rather than focusing on understanding how to use specific tools. (Although there are a few tool-based courses in there, as well.)

To support this, IMPACT+ includes an interactive scorecard and strategy roadmap to help your company evaluate exactly where it is today, and what specific steps need to be taken to drive the sales and marketing results you’re striving for:

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 6.56.55 PM

IMPACT+ scorecard

Another added bonus of this scorecard is that, if you have your whole team in IMPACT+, each person can evaluate your company’s current digital sales and marketing performance from their perspective. That way you are all fully aligned across the entire company as to the reality of your performance.

IMPACT+ does have fewer courses than HubSpot Academy, with 23 currently live, but since this platform just launched in May, that is to be expected.

We do plan to release new courses in the next few months and the team has no plans of slowing down when it comes to producing new content.

HubSpot also focuses on the inbound methodology as the foundation for most of their content, while IMPACT+ is niche to the They Ask, You Answer approach.

While these approaches overlap and share common core principles, there are some key differences that lead to unique content from both sides (check out this article Inbound marketing vs They Ask, You Answer).

Community and engagement

Another difference between the two platforms is their approach to community and engagement.

An interactive community element can bring tons of value to software users, but especially to those learning online.

Having discussions with other people learning the same things helps users enhance their knowledge by applying it and learning how others are as well. This is essential when learning a new skill especially when we are socially distanced.

This engagement also provides an avenue to discover new professional opportunities and allows for back-and-forth on questions and roadblocks you might be facing.

That’s why IMPACT+ acts as an entire learning community.

HubSpot Academy, as an online learning platform, only contains courses and has a separate platform for discussion, called HubSpot Community.

But this forum isn’t dedicated to the academy.

HubSpot Community is rather a catch-all for HubSpot discussions, primarily focused on solving issues or roadblocks within the software.

On the other hand, IMPACT+’s community aspect includes role-based discussion boards that encompass all topics digital sales and marketing, virtual peer groups, as well as threads on the individual courses themselves:

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 7.00.32 PM

These community aspects make it easy for users to engage, ask questions, and collaborate on course material.

Additional resources

In addition to course materials, IMPACT+ provides access to all recordings from every past IMPACT event, ever (both in-person and virtual events).


These recordings include education from over 100 speakers, (and 75 keynotes from world-renowned speakers like Brian Halligan, David Meerman Scott, Ann Handley, and more.

While HubSpot releases its past keynotes and spotlights from INBOUND events, it does not always release the more tactical sessions.


In HubSpot Academy, once you create your free academy account you are able to access all courses and lessons.

IMPACT+ has two pricing tiers, free and pro:

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 7.04.04 PM

The free version provides access to all of the foundational courses and resources, roadmap and scorecard features, as well as access to the community discussion forums.

Advanced courses, access to private virtual peer groups, and team roadmap and scorecard visibility are available when upgraded to a pro account.

Which platform is right for you?

Overall, IMPACT+ and HubSpot Academy are both robust online platforms focused on the same core principle: education.

The way they provide that education may look a little different, but as we discussed, each has its strong suits and areas where it is unique.

HubSpot Academy may be better for HubSpot-specific users or those who are just getting into inbound or digital marketing and are looking for that entry-level content.

IMPACT+ may be better for those who are not only looking for high-level education but also tactical strategies to implement now and strategic topics with long-term plays.

IMPACT+ is also going to be great for those who want to connect with others focused on digital sales and marketing and They Ask, You Answer.

Both platforms have free options, so try them both out! Explore them and see which has content that aligns with your goals and that you believe can help you move the needle.

Bowling Centers across NY State are ready to reopen safely

Every business is trying their best to re-open during this very difficult time. The bowling centers across NY State have done a remarkable job preparing their centers for the new reality and are ready to reopen safely as soon as New York State gives their approval.

Keep ’em Rolling!

12 Steps for Creating Good Website Content

Source: MarketingProfs.com; THATagency

One of the RSS feeds I include on my site is MarketingProfs, and they featured a very helpful article from THATagency on 12 Steps for Creating Good Website Content. Most of the steps include links to even more useful information to improve your blog content.

Here are the 12 Steps:


How do your products and/or services add value by saving time/money/headache? Be specific. Be compelling.


Create personas based on commonalities among your existing customers or those of your direct competitors.


How can you differentiate yourself? How are your products and/or services unique and/or better?


Explain how your products and/or services alleviate each persona’s specific pain points. Employ empathy. Address common objections or barriers to purchase/convert. Know what motivators inspire each persona to take action.


Create content to target each persona at every step of the buying journey. Lead prospects down the sales funnel, from awareness to consideration, decision, and advocacy.


While good website content isn’t created for search engines, good website content is optimized to be highly visible in their results. A key part of that optimization involves targeting the right keywords.

Be sure to take into consideration human factors such as relevancy and usefulness (intent) as well as search volume and difficulty during your keyword research process. In addition, think about creating blog content to answer your prospects’ and customers’ most frequently asked questions about your products and/or services.


Reviews, testimonials, awards, and certifications add credibility. Blog author bios add authority for E-A-T.


A simple directive phrase like “Subscribe Now” or “Add to Cart” instructs your website visitors on what to do next, making the buying journey clear.


No, really, check it again. According to a recent study, typos on a website’s landing page increased the bounce rate by 85% and reduced the time on site by 8%.


Yes, this includes using keywords and implementing other on-page SEO techniques. However, it’s important you don’t lose sight of who you are really creating your website content for – people. For example, formatting for people might include organizing your text into bullet points and numbered lists to make it easier for your website visitors to consume.


Human beings are visual beings by nature. In other words, if you focus solely on text, you will not do your website (or your business’ bottom line) any favors. According to a HubSpot studyvideo significantly increases dwell time on websites, while an article by Neil Patel claims using infographics can double your website traffic.


Good website content isn’t set-it-and-forget-it content. Customers’ needs change. Your content should follow suit to ensure your website remains relevant to your target audience.

They have also included a nice looking infographic which you can access here.

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