Welcome to 46/47 Consulting Group

The best laid plans for a new post can go awry in a nanosecond with no warning. The unexpected appearance of the Covid-19 virus and its complete upending of the of the business world has forced me to do a 180 turn on my focus.

While we will get back to normal business at some point – whatever that new normal will be – for now the focus will be on how business and marketing efforts respond to the upheaval caused by this worldwide virus.

As I am currently in isolation along with many of you I will try to post items of interest a few times per week or even more frequently as the market dictates.

Your comments, recommendations and input are welcome at any time. The site contents will always be changing but for now you can find relevant articles and links to marketing sites as well as links to my favorite brands and past campaigns.

Again, welcome and I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Andy Varipapa II


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