Work-From-Home (WFH) digital marketers and tech workers are more productive — and burned out

Lots of pro and con takeaways from this recent article at Searchengine, “WFH digital marketers and tech workers are more productive — and burned out.

As the article states initially forced by COVID-19 to implement WFH policies, many companies are now making WFH a permanent option, including Facebook and Twitter.  WFH could also have a major impact on commercial real estate, urban planning, local retail and restaurants and many other aspects of American society and the economy, including marketing.

Some of the key points made in this article:

  • Removing the boundaries around work – such as morning and afternoon commutes – allows employees to work more efficiently, and just plain work more.
  • During the pandemic many workers report working more hours than before it began. That has led many to feel stressedfatigued and even burned out.
  • In a recent survey just over 43% of survey respondents in the top 50 markets expressed a desire to move to a less expensive city and 6.4% said they had already moved.
  • The San Francisco Bay Area topped the list of cities workers wanted to flee for cheaper pastures. Washington, DC, New York, Baltimore and Los Angeles were next in that order. Tech and ad-industry workers were more likely to want to move than their peers in other industries. And men were more eager than women to relocate, as were workers under 40.
  • The shift to more remote work is going to change the lives of marketers and technology workers in subtle and dramatic ways. Companies will be looking geographically at a much broader talent pool and often seeking employees in lower-cost locations to save on compensation.

Read the full article here and be sure to post your comments.

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