Email Marketing in these Challenging Times

Just read through a helpful post on how to lead your email marketing efforts in these trying times from MarketingProfs.

As the author states, Email will always have a unique role and opportunity, even during a pandemic. That’s because email is the most trusted and reliable marketing channel. It’s a tried-and-true medium to connect with your customers, showing them you care and assuring them you are in this for the long haul.

There is a big difference between understanding the change in the economy, and that it should impact your marketing efforts, and actually knowing how to go about altering your email marketing approach.

However, by prioritizing email in your marketing channel mix, you can create personalized experiences, deliver better customer care, and bridge social distance; this strategy is better known as an email-first approach.

Full article can be accessed here at the link above (also in this website under Marketing News). Here are the key points referenced in the article which recommends five practical tips –

1. Adapt to change, and act quickly

Collaborating with remote teams can pose a challenge, but it must be mastered if you are to succeed. All of your email optimization solutions should encourage collaboration and assist with automating and streamlining email testing.

2. Embrace authenticity

Every single email you send—whether transactional, automated, or a one-off from sales staff or customer service—must carry appropriate tone and content.

3. Make every email perfect

Every email marketer’s soul aches when they have to send the “Oops, we made a mistake” email; now, however, is truly not the time to find yourself needing to send one.

4. Don’t skip steps

The email-building process—including the build, collaborate, test, and analyze phases and the ability to preview all your marketing emails—has never been so vital.

5. Create relevant, personalized experiences

To achieve compelling email experiences, you need to understand what challenges your subscribers face in adjusting to their new work/life balance.

Be sure to read the full article as the author goes into greater detail on each of the five tips.

Melissa Sargeant is CMO at Litmus, where she runs worldwide marketing initiatives. including corporate and product branding, demand generation, product marketing, public relations, and event management.

LinkedIn: Melissa Sargeant

Twitter: @mhsargeant

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